About Us

About Us

J.R. Roach and his wife, Virginia, started Performance Produce in 2007, relying on their own experience in the produce industry and a dream of offering good service at a fair price – the kind of service that they wanted for their own family. 

From unloading trucks to packing produce, originally they did it all, working 16-hour days to build their own business. They partnered with Mike Laws, who handles produce and transportation, and soon they were hiring! Offering people good jobs is one of the joys of being in business, they say,and they take pride that most of their 45 employees stay with them.

“We react quickly” to customers’ needs, J.R. says. “That’s what sets us apart.”


Performance Produce has developed a farm model that offers a partnership with the farmer. “We put up the money and before we do anything, we lay out the cost and projections. We make everything from the seed to the final sale transparent. This is unique in the industryand we call it our Square Deal Partnership.”


Now with locations in North Carolina and Florida, Performance Produce offers distribution, repacking, inspections, and warehouse space.  With diversification and a unique business model, Performance Produce is ready to earn your business.