4-Party Logistics Services

Performance Produce 4PL offers a full line of supply chain services for fresh fruits, vegetables and specialty foods. We offer everything you need to ship, pack, store and manage your products throughout the supply chain.

We pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to ensure our customers’ orders arrive at their destination on time and complete.

 Let us help you solve all of your packing, transportation and sales needs.


Performance Produce 4PL Services has expertise in managing transportation of  perishable goods like produce.

If you need transportation, we can find it. This includes full truckloads, less than truckloads, rail, forward distribution and import/export shipments. We can help with missing trucks, rejected shipments, canceled POs, late order changes and more. Plus our inventory management systems provide timely, accurate shipping reports to create  efficiency and clarity for your business.


Inventory Management

Performance Produce 4PL is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best in real-time inventory management.

With our state-of-the-art software, your goods are immediately entered into our system upon arrival and are tracked throughout every step of their journey to your end customers. We provide complete transparency on the status of your products while in our charge. You’ll receive real time updates that enable you to effectively manage your inventory levels at all stages of the product supply chain.


Performance Produce 4PL offers our customers a variety of packaging options and private label opportunities.

We have overwrap, carousel and clipper machines to offer a wide range of bagging and tray wrap options. And we have label machines for custom and private labeling.



Performance Produce 4PL packs your product to order and ensures the highest quality and freshest produce available.

As a primary destination packer, all produce brought into our facilities has been graded USDA #1 or USDA Fancy. We custom sort and re-grade each order to customer specifications so every shipment that leaves our facility has been double graded.

Quality Control

At Performance Produce 4PL, quality control isn’t an afterthought — it’s part of everything we do.

Quality is an absolute must for our customers and it all begins on our front lines. We inspect every shipment as it arrives at our facility and we implement systematic, uniform processes to ensure the highest quality standards are always met.

Our systems reduce the need for interpretation, which means that quality standards are clear and understood by our employees. We educate our entire staff on updated food safety and handling procedures. We’re PRIMUS GFS certified and continuing education is required of all our employees.


Distressed Shipment Recovery

Performance Produce 4PL can maximize your profits and minimize the time your customers are without product.

Should you have a customer reject a shipment for any reason, consider Performance Produce’s Distressed Shipment Recovery service. Our trained employees will break down the packaging and inspect each piece of produce. We sort, grade and remove all distressed product or remove any defect you specify. Then we repack the balance and ship it to your customer


The experienced team at Performance 4PL can expand your sales bandwidth and find a home for your products.

Performance Produce 4PL has great relationships throughout the produce and specialty foods industry. Let us help you find new customers for your products or a home for recovered shipments.