Why Choose Performance Produce 4-Party Logistics?

The main reason to choose Performance Produce 4PL is that we can increase your sales and profitability.

That’s because we offer efficient supply chain management for your produce and specialty food products. And that can make all the difference to your company’s success today. 

Performance Produce 4PL can:

  • Extend your sales staff and warehouse capacity.
  • Provide custom packing and repacking services.
  • Recover distressed product.
  • Ensure the highest quality and freshest produce.
  • Solve your transportation issues.
Performance Produce goes the extra mile to:
  • Ensure orders arrive at their destination on-time and complete.
  • Prevent product outages.
  • Provide the best of Just-In-Time and Just-in-Case inventory management for you and your customers.

Performance Produce 4PL offers services that are individualized and customized to meet your needs. The bottom line — we make you look good to your customers

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